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stille Momente

moments in silence
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Welcome to mia_chan's writing/graphic Community

Stille Momente - Silent Moments

stille_momente is replacing my LJ _schweigen_, which is still online but won't be updated again. Sorry, it is much easier to post into a community than loging in and out all the time.

Everthing I use for my graphics is listed here

You don't need to become a member to read my storys. Mostly my fictions are rated PG. Anyway I do write R and NC17 so, these will be members-only. So if you are interrested to read all you have join.

What do I write ? Rating?
I write slash (male & female)! So if you are homophic you'll have to leave the whole community or you just skip these fictions.
As I said, mostly PG, for reading R or NC17 you have to join.

Anyone who like can leave a comment to my fiction. I'm not begging just simply happy about feedback.
Have you feed a writer today?

well I do write almost everything I know ^.~ but mainly "Harry Potter" well here is a list I can do:
Angel Sanctuary, Tintenherz/blut, Nana, Kimi wa pet, Vision of Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tortall, Prince of Tennis, Haibane Renmei, Sailor Moon...

If you can't find your favorite fandom here, feel free to ask ^_~

my Claims @
I'm insane and I'm aware of it. Anyway I claimed:
Luna Lovegood (written 12/50) @ drabbles100_de
50 drabbles about Luna Lovegood
manip by wicked_visions, banner by mia_chan

Tintenherz/blut (written 7/50) @ drabbles100_de
50 drabbles about Tintenherz/blut

Marauders (written 5/100) @ fanfic100_de

my fanarts-list: here

my graphics: here

my fanfiction-list: here
(in this list you can see if a FF is written in german or english, just scroll through and search ^.~)

Want a drabble/graphic?
You like my writing? You like my Icons/Banners etc.?
I'm (mostly) willing to write/make some for you. Just fill out this poll and plz leave also a comment there, otherwise I may not will notice your wish.
If you already get something just leave one more comment ♥

Mia is Mod @

- ein_satz - deutsche Version von 1sentence

deutsche Harry Potter Community
art by yukipon, banner by mia_chan


Mod @
drabbles100_de - german drabble site
zuckerfederkiel - german HP-site
ein_satz - german version of 1sentence

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icons by mia_chan
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