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auch Leben entsteht nicht augenblicklich

Private World

Titel: Private World
Fandom: Harry Potter
Charas: Luna Lovegood
Theme: part of luna100's challenge: "upside down"
Word-count: 100
Ratings: PG
language: !!!ENGLISH!!!
Warnings: ?
Disclaimer: not mine. all JKR´ money. just for fun
A/N: ...

Private World

Luna wiggles her nose. The grass gently caresses the sensitive spot under her ear.

“It tickles” she decides and looks forward. A sea of tiny green blades covers the dark earth and each and every one of them is growing and pointing in her direction.

When Luna shifts her head a little more to the left the blades begin to move. She keeps on tilting – left, right

The grass seas waves - and tickles.

Luna sneezes and lost her steady. She falls over. Landing in her own upside down sea of grass she inhales deeply the flowery air and smiles.
Tags: hp: luna lovegood, language: english

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